Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to build a custom house?

Many factors determine the actual overall time frame (specifically size and specialty details, and these days, material availability), but you can expect most single-family custom homes to take between 8-14 months to build.

How long does it take for a custom home design?

Designing a custom home has many steps that, in total, typically take between 3-6 months to be ready to submit for permitting.

1. Style, square footage, component, and budget review
2. Concept drawings
3. Preliminary Architectural drawings
4. Preliminary estimating
5. Final architectural drawings
6. Soils drilling and engineering
7. Structural engineering
8. Topographic surveying
9. Well permitting (if applicable)
10. Septic design and permitting (if applicable)
11. HVAC design and engineering
12. Roof truss design and engineering
13. D.E.S.C engineering (drainage, erosion, and sediment control)
14. Fire department review
15. Final document prep and submittal

Is your custom home budget a fixed price or cost-plus?

Our typical contract related to the budget is structured as a cost-plus management fee. A cost-plus structure gives you the benefit of paying for exactly what the labor and materials cost and not a penny more! It also means that the monthly bills you receive are completely transparent. You see each and every material and labor invoice so you can rest assured there’s no “funny business”.

What are the risks to a cost-plus contract?

We make sure our budgets are as accurate as they can be. We receive estimates from our subcontractors and suppliers specifically for your custom home and also use historical data from
past projects to come up with our estimated cost to build your home. If you need more assurance, we’ll sit down with you and show you those bids and walk you through exactly how we came up with your projected costs to build. Any custom builder that offers a fixed total fee has to compensate for the risks he’s taking by increasing the price to cover his risk. Especially in today’s market with the volatility of material and labor prices. This is why we recommend a cost-plus contract.

How to finance a custom-built home?

We have many vetted lending institutions that we work with that can help to find you the best fit for your construction financing.

Can you help us find a lot for our new custom home?

We have many trusted realty partners who are familiar with lots available on which you can build your custom home and can assist you with the purchase transaction.

Do you have any homes that are ready to move in?

Not at this time. We specifically build custom homes to suit each client’s unique individual needs and wants.

I have a friend who does plumbing work, etc. Can we use them in our home build?

We solely use licensed, insured, vetted, professional trade partners and subcontractors to help build your home. If that subcontractor has the necessary qualifications and can be vetted by us, we would be happy to obtain and entertain a bid for their scope of work.

Do you have homes we can tour to see how you build and to see your quality level?

Yes, absolutely!

Do you have many references and past clients that we can speak with?

We absolutely do! We have many testimonials on our website but we have many more that aren’t online and we are happy to provide you with their contact information.

What makes your approach to building my home unique?

To have a successful project many things need to take place, and those things center around relationships and communication. We strive to maintain a positive and (healthy) relationship with our clients so we can communicate effectively, establish a sense of trust, and give you the peace of mind that your project is in expert hands and will be well built to your satisfaction.

What happens when we run into problems or ‘bumps in the road’?

With the amount of complexity that surrounds every project, at some point in time, some bumps in the road will be encountered. Our promise is to tackle any issue head-on with a sense of positivity, dedication, creativeness, fairness, and reasonableness.

Why are there so many horror stories about builders and building projects?

Unfortunately, there are many problems that plague the homebuilding industry. Homebuilding is very complex and has many moving parts. Some home builders may have great knowledge about how a home goes together, but may not have great or even functional communication skills to succeed. Some may not manage the finances well, some may have a lack of processes and procedures, some may not have capable trade contractors, and some just may not have enough experience.

How many homes have you built and how long have you been in business?

MDH has been in business for 12 years and Marc personally has managed and built over 500 homes throughout the last 23 years. Collectively our team has more than 90 years dedicated to homebuilding.

Will I have a dedicated project manager for my project and will they be on-site every day?

Yes! You will have a dedicated project manager who will manage your home and 1 or 2 others. They will be on-site the majority of working days, if not daily. If you would prefer to have a project manager solely dedicated to your project, we can accommodate that and provide a pricing breakdown.

Do you have specific materials and specs that you use in your projects?

While we can and do accommodate mostly any spec that a client would want, we frequently use:

● Zip panel exterior sheathing
● Pella windows
● BIBS blown-in fiberglass insulation, along with sound-dampening insulation between floors and in critical interior walls
● Real stone veneer, caps, and water sills
● Custom-built solid core interior doors
● Rheem brand furnaces and air conditioners, with Aprilaire humidifiers.
● 4″ led closed trim can lights, with Decora rocker switches
● Navien tankless water heaters with a hot water recirculating pump and loop for quick hot water distribution throughout the home
● Schluter Ditra or similar uncoupling tile underlayment
● Schluter Ditra tile heat systems
● Schluter Kerdi for steam shower waterproofing
● LP exterior siding and trim products
● Real doug fir solid timbers and beams

Do you offer interior design services?

Yes, we do, and on top of that, we offer 40 hours with a professional design team free of charge to you!

How will we be informed and updated about what’s happening during our build?

There are many means and methods that we will use to communicate with you throughout your build. Our primary method is through Buildertrend, where you will have a personalized website dedicated to your project. You will have a personal portal to your calendar, emails, budget, design selections, change orders, etc. We also have frequent site meetings, and of course, good old-fashioned phone calls and text messaging.

What is the average custom home budget, permit included?

Every custom home is unique to each client and the land that it’s built upon, therefore, there is no real “average” custom home budget. Our costs per s.f. have ranged from $150-$700 depending on the project. We do know that compared to our direct competition, our costs per square foot are typically much lower due to how our contracts, budgets, and fees are structured. We’d be happy to talk about the specifics of your project to give you an estimated cost to build. Permitting costs vary depending on which county / city you are building in, but typically range between 10k-25k.

How can I save money building a custom home?

There are many ways to save money building a custom home! We can’t give away all our secrets, but first of all, you can rely on the experience of the Marc David Home’s team to help you value engineer through the design and construction phase so you can maximize your dollars! We also have many suppliers that offer outstanding finishes at a value price, and Marc David Homes doesn’t mark up those materials at all to give you the best value and bang for your buck!

Do I need a realtor when buying a custom home?

No, although we are happy to work with any realtor that you may have an engagement with.