Home Owner Testimonials

Marc Lohse, Owner of Marc David Homes, is my hero!

I signed a contract with Marc to finish my new house which had only been built up to the rough in stage of the construction. Six months later, I moved into my house as per the contract guidelines.

Marc inherited a mess and he responded to me with a CAN DO and sympathetic demeanor, and most importantly, with a plan on how he could finish my house in time, on budget, and with meeting my expectations.

There are many exceptional characteristics about Marc Lohse that I experienced:

  • His communication skills are stellar and he provided me with updates on a very frequent basis.
  • He approached all issues with transparency and honesty.
  • When issues of higher material costs were confronted, he always provided me with lesser expensive and creative options so that the budget was met without compromising the design integrity.
  • Marc is an excellent manager and has a very loyal group of subs who work with him and who have the same high standards as Marc.
  • I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Marc Lohse and his team for any building project you may have.

Cynthia Zimpfer, Parker, Colorado

Five Star Builder

I give Marc Lohse a five star rating after working with him during the demolition process and construction of my custom home. Marc brings years of experience in the construction field. And when that expertise is combined with his integrity, creativity, positive attitude, and friendly personality — you have a great builder.

From the very beginning, Marc went above and beyond. When I was in a pinch prior to the demo, he volunteered to take down lighting fixtures. One weekend he computed the square feet needed for the kitchen backsplash because the tile I found had limited quantity. These two quick glimpses show who Marc is. Marc also listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and accommodated my requests or explained why it wouldn’t work. He was always there and willing to provide input and guidance.

In addition, Marc has the ability to envision the finished space. So he suggested tweaks to the plans such as extending the entry to the master bath, adding two clerestory windows, and reworking exterior surfaces. My favorite was when he figured out how to modify the island to conceal the cold air return.

Throughout the process, Marc expertly directed the sequence of subcontractors and monitored the quality of performance. And now when I look around my beautiful home, I know it is a far better house because Marc was in charge!

Jan Stauffer, Denver Colorado

A Pleasure to Work With

We had the good fortune of working with Marc Lohse in 2015-2016 on the construction of our custom home in the Crestmoor area in Denver. Marc collaborated with us and our architects at Surround Architecture to complete the home in just under a year including the demolition of a previous home on the lot. Marc was professional, friendly and courteous throughout the entire process and had excellent communication with the architects. Marc helped us save money where we could by value engineering throughout the home without compromising quality. Marc expertly supervised and guided the subcontractors so the work was done properly and with a high level of finish quality. Overall, Marc was a pleasure to work with and we are very happy with the results.

Michelle and David S.

The Complete Package

In the military, Marc is the kind of person we call a ‘fire and forget’ asset–You just launch him on a project, and then next thing you know, it will be done correctly and ahead of schedule.

Marc takes building each house personally as if it were his own. He found things wrong that I never would have found, saving me time, pain and money later. His professionalism was top-notch. He kept appointments, returned phone calls, was always on time, delivered on promises and completed every project to a very high standard. If it wasn’t perfect, he was not satisfied. Marc spent lots of time explaining how the house was constructed. He didn’t just tell me about the house, he explained why it was put in, and how to maintain it for years to come.

My house was not completed at closing due to some add-ons that I wanted. Marc stayed on top of all sub-contractors until the work was done perfectly. He even pointed me in the right direction in having a few extra projects done….again saving time and money.

Buying a house can be a gut-wrenching experience. You put down several hundred thousand dollars, take the keys, and wonder if this house is built well, or will later become a ‘money pit’. Having Marc in charge, I slept easy knowing only the best work would be signed off on and my home would be a quality, well-built home that would last a lifetime.

Doug P- Lt Col, USAF

A "No Surprises" Work Style

My husband and I have known Dan Kennedy for almost twelve years. We met him when we built our carriage house in northern Minnesota in 2006 as we had the good fortune of having him as our project manager. Then, in 2012, we designed and built our main house. One of the most important factors in selecting our builder of this multi-million dollar project was to obtain Dan Kennedy, once again (who had moved to a different company at that point) as our project manager. So we selected Dan’s new company, Lands End Development as our builder, and Dan as our project manager.

Yes, Dan has all the qualities that you would want and expect:

  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Consistent and transparent communication and outstanding integration with the owners, the myriad of subcontractors, architects, designers and county officials
  • A hardworking style that includes an “on time and on budget” approach—and he delivers
  • A “no surprises” work style that all appreciate
  • Calm under pressure and flexible in the face of shifting and changing priorities
  • Takes responsibility—no matter what. An advocate for the owner and a trusted voice for his company
  • All of the above are wonderful qualities, and translate into a variety of careers, but even more important than the qualities above, is the fact that
  • Dan is an individual imbued with honesty, integrity, authenticity and passion. We trust Dan implicitly, and that is an incredible quality of an individual, an employee or friend.

As Dan pursues the next stage in his career, I believe his varied background in marketing, construction management and project development is a differentiator. Dan is creative and an idea generator, as well as an incredible executor. Many individuals do not possess these very different and complementary qualities.

As a human resources professional, one of the “tests of an individual” that I use to determine their talent, value and commitment is to ask myself the question, “If they left, would I hire them again if I had the chance?” The answer to that question when it comes to Dan Kennedy is, “Unequivocally YES!” Any company would be fortunate to have Dan Kennedy on their team.

Tricia D.

Marc Lohse is a Rock Star

Marc should have his name in lights; he is a rock star! The time and attention to detail he showed us was incredible. He thoughtfully listened to every question (or suggestion) we had, then gave us a patient, honest answer. His follow-up time was exceptional. Marc is more dedicated to his work than any builder we have ever dealt with. His desire to serve the customer, and his devotion to that duty, was never in question to us. Your quality and craftsmanship are constantly before our eyes, and we daily enjoy a safe and beautiful haven that we are committed to build into a home. Thank you so much, we are so grateful!

Dan and Debi C

An Experienced Builder

It is my honor and great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Marc. Marc is the type of person who comes into your life and it is changed forever. From our first conversation it was apparent that Marc is very knowledgeable in his field. It was a difficult time for my family during the home building process since we lived in Arizona and we were building in Colorado. We could not be present to watch our future home being built. Marc gave me the reassurance I needed, and the home has exceeded our expectations.

I remember one phone call in particular because it was made outside our regular scheduled calls to talk about the construction of my home. Marc phoned me one afternoon to ask me about the placement for a set of doors to the bonus room. The blueprint details suggested that the doors open into the room and rest in the middle of the room. Marc suggested to me that we open the doors the other way so they rest on the landing outside the room. Being that I was in Arizona and couldn’t be there to see it for myself, I trusted him. I am more than happy that Marc made that suggestion and my doors are installed to his specifications. It seems to me that if the doors had been installed according to the blueprint, I would have lost a lot of space in that area and I would have the danger of my small children running into those doors since they would stick out into the middle of the room. It takes an experienced builder to notice such details and it takes a caring one too, to take the time to address it with the homeowner.

During the last few months before my home was completed, we moved into temp housing in CO and I interacted with Marc on a daily basis whether in person, by phone or internet. Marc was very professional and diligent in his work. He was prompt in returning any messages I left for him, usually the same day. My questions and concerns were taken to heart and addressed. He always acted responsibly and with integrity to do his best. He treated his trade partners as well as his clients, with honesty and respect. I witnessed many interactions between Marc and the many trades that helped build my house and Marc was always friendly and positive.

It is clear that Marc would be a tremendous asset to anyone desiring to build or remodel their home. You will not find a more dedicated, experienced, honest or friendly builder.

Bonnie B.

The Ease and Comfortability

I am a first-time homebuyer of 3 years and as of two months ago, I did not have any significant work or remodeling done on my home. When I finally decided it was time to remodel my basement, the task seemed daunting. I ended up getting two bids, and yours was the most in line with what I was looking for. I can’t express enough the ease and comfort I had with choosing you as my contractor. A few things to highlight:

  • You were totally transparent with costs, invoices, and markups, and your consultative approach was wonderful
  • All the subs that were in my home were professional, clean, and helpful. It was as if they treated my home like their own.
  • No stone was left unturned. You thought of everything, were patient, and met every expectation I had.
  • The remodel was completed on time and right up to the date that you had set.

To be honest, I am already working to find other homeowners that need remodeling done. Thanks so much for your hard work, attention to detail, and now the amazing look of my basement!

Christopher F.

The Best We’ve Seen

We would highly recommend Marc David to anyone interested in building a house. We were amazed at how personable and understanding Marc was always. He was great with his workers but expected good work and got it. This was the second house that we have built so we’ve experienced working with others. Based on our previous experience we were expecting issues or frustrations with some of our requests in building this home and had none. Marc not only did his job incredibly well, the best we’ve seen, but went above and beyond his job to help us even with issues that were not at all his responsibility. Marc is good at what he does and wonderful to work with.

Alan and Kathy C.

A Builder Who Doesn‘t Know the Meaning of Can’t

It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a better home builder than Marc David. I know. Not only did he create a gorgeous home for our family–bringing it in on time and not a penny over budget–but he did so in the face of inclement weather, supply shortages, tough city ordinances, and multiple change orders. This is a builder who doesn’t know the meaning of “can’t”. No matter the number or type of special requests we threw at Marc–and we threw a lot–he cheerfully accepted each challenge and brought to life exactly what we had envisioned. If you’re looking for someone who can expertly craft a dream home and adapt to any situation with a smile, look no further. Marc David is your man.

Charles B.


Dear Potential Client,

My husband and I decided to build a home in the Monument area and were very pleased to work with Marc David. As someone who has dealt with contractors in the past, I knew of the nightmares we could potentially face due to indifference and high work load. We faced none of these problems with Marc David. He immediately brought to our attention all problems he personally discovered during the building process along with proposed solutions allowing us to make informed decisions. There were no issues hidden from us to find later. And each time my husband or I had a question or concerns, Marc was quick to listen and help resolve the issue immediately.

Marc’s willingness, proficiency, and flexibility to communicate using everything from email, texting, phone, as well as speaking to him in-person made the whole experience very comforting. We always knew that we could quickly get a hold of Marc when needed and he would contact us just as quickly especially if he needed us to be onsite to decide on a certain course of action during construction. There were never any delays.

As new home buyers, the idea of constructing a home from the ground up seemed very daunting. Marc’s organizational skills allowed him to complete our home as ordered in a very short period of time by perfectly orchestrating each of the trades at just the right time, sometimes together, but never in the way of one another. Marc’s professional knowledge did not hinder his ability to effectively communicate with us. He was always able to tailor the conversation so that we would understand but never over simplified the information, which as a Mechanical Engineer, was important to me.

Even after our home was completed exactly as planned, my husband and I have not hesitated to enlist his services again. Since the initial construction we have done two upgrade projects around the house and Marc was the first person we called. He quickly arranged all the trades needed with very short notice and the quality of workmanship was top notch. I strongly recommend Marc David to anyone who needs a highly competent, professional, and reliable builder.


Carole J. Guevara
Professional Engineer


To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I had an absolutely fantastic experience working with Marc David. Marc took our house from empty lot to finished product, overcame several unique building challenges, and provided excellent follow-up management. Throughout the entire project, he was the most patient, friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable person that we’ve ever worked with.

We were initially very concerned about building a house. We had an extremely aggressive timeline. We lived across the country so we would not be present throughout the many stages of construction, and there were several deviations from the original floor plan that we wanted to include. Marc managed our construction progress and worked with us over several different media (phone, fax, and email) to keep us in the loop every stage of the way.

One example that comes to mind was our redesign of the master bathroom. While we liked the original design of the house, we were looking to redesign the size and shape of the master shower. Marc took great care to integrate all of our needs and even improve on our vision. He even managed to include several upgrades we were not anticipating and still come in $1200 under our redesign budget. He cared about us not only as a customer, but also as people; he put care into building our home as if it were his own.

As with any construction, some unforeseen issues came up after we moved into the house. Within a day of us bringing forth a concern, Marc would present several solution options for us to choose from to quickly resolve the issues to our satisfaction.

We had an outstanding experience working with Marc and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to build a house. His professionalism, people skills, and job knowledge put him at the top of our list.


Quentin and Julie B.


Dear prospective client,

My husband and I built our first home this year. We were apprehensive going into it because of stories we had heard from others who had built homes. However, we were so impressed when we began working with Marc.

Marc is the cream of the crop in our opinion. A few days after signing the paper work on our new home, we received a very professional email from Marc that updated us on the status of construction. We continued to receive these emails weekly. These were wonderful! We were so anxious for our home to be done and it really helped to have weekly status updates.

Marc was extremely professional, and organized. When someone is building your home, they have to be organized. My husband and I are both dentists and have built two dental offices in the past 2 1/2 years. If the contractor is not organized, the entire project will not run smoothly. Marc had a wonderful system for building our home. To our surprise it was even finished ahead of schedule! Also, as business owners, we understand the importance of customer service. Marc consistently provided us with outstanding customer service.

He was attentive to our every question and concern, no matter how irrational our demand or question was. He consistently acted professionally and did not dismiss any of our concerns. That, to us, was amazing! Having worked with contractors on our office build-outs, we were worried about having our concerns down played or ignored but that never happened with Marc. We always felt that he listened to our concerns and changed things to make us happy.

Also, it is evident that he cares deeply about building a high quality, well functioning house and he knows what he is doing. During our framing walk through, he made sure all of our switches for our lights were in a position that worked well for us. he never rushed us on our walk through and made sure we were satisfied with the progression of our home.

On a personal note, Marc was always upbeat and pleasant to be around. He would even answer our emails on the weekends and after business hours! He is a person of integrity and honesty. If we were to build another home, we would be very pleased to work with Marc again. He gets our highest recommendation.


Jarom & Kelly L.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the impeccable work that you have completed on various projects around the house since we moved in a year ago. You’ve always made yourself available and carried out the projects to completion in a timely manner and with a positive attitude; we really couldn’t have asked for or received better workmanship. You’re a true professional and your knowledge of buildings and fixtures equally matches your ability to carry out the maintenance required for optimal performance.

Thank you again for all your efforts.

Charles & Karen C.